batak Concept

ー What is batak's philosophy of clothes making?

Nakadera: We don’t think of our bespoke suits in terms of monetary value, but rather in the way our customers look when they wear them. Therefore we aren’t simply aiming to produce luxury items. Our goal is to make unique suits that fit the individual style, personality and way of life, and bring out the best in every customer we serve.

ー What is the role of batak House Cut?

Nakadera: Through tailored clothing, we can make our customers look better in a way that enhances their masculine qualities. batak House Cut was born from the desire to bring the benefits of the bespoke suit to as many people as possible. Beginning with the style and finish of the bespoke suit, and without sacrificing considerations like cutting techniques, hand-sewing skills, and proper fit, we aim to provide products that are nevertheless affordably priced. We want to make clothes that can be worn every day by real, hardworking men. This is the idea behind batak House Cut.

ー What is the goal of batak House Cut?

Nakadera: We face self-imposed challenges every day. The solution to such difficulties lies in endless trial and error. And it is our customers that give us the inspiration to find the answers. It is for this reason that we work closely with them and constantly discuss amongst ourselves, in an effort to continue to create bespoke tailored items that suit our customers to a T.

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