Original Garments Concept

— What is the appeal of batak Original Garments?

Kan-no: As a genre, classic clothing begins with European made items and also includes many outstanding garments form America. Including such items as the trench coat created for military use, or the Bal Collar Coat, which began as rainwear, as well as the safari jacket, which was originally made for hunting.

In the present day, whether through superficial design changes or marketing concerns, products like these seem to have lost their substance; their natures fundamentally altered in the name of fashion.

Our aim is to revive, on a limited basis, garments with the classic qualities we love that you might only expect to see as vintage clothing. We’ve developed all-original garments that you can't find anywhere else on the market, only at batak House Cut.

— When it comes to clothes making, what details matter most?

Kan-no: For example, in the case of the trench coat or Bal Collar coat, which both serve as rainwear, they feature a predominant A-line form (so called because it resembles the shape of the letter, "A") that channels raindrops toward the hem. We reproduce such traditional and functional details without omission. The iconic silhouettes of these garments weren't created with fit in mind. In making them now, we emulate the original intentions of their designers, which, at the time they were first made, was to create garments to fill the role of outerwear, the ultimate purpose of which is to cover the body.

Service Availability: Only available through out batak House Cut locations (not available at batak Hibiya)

Minoru Kan-no, Sales Manager

Sales Supervisor Minoru Kan-no