— What kind of accessories do you have available?

Kudo: Once you order one of our suits, barring changes in your size or damages, you'll be able to wear it for 10 or even 20 years. Just as with clothing, we believe that you accessories should also stand the test of time. The modern suit and the items that go with it came to maturity over the past 100 years. So it is fruitless to pursue novelty for its own sake. Rather you can rediscover things that have been made since long ago, things that were not casually chosen but passed down by tradition. The charm of such things does not fade. In other words, innovation is the end, but a state of maturity creates things can continue to mature.

— What do you mean specifically?

Kudo: We offer bags from Rutherford, a company that has brought back to life an English bridal leather factory, using the original materials and methods of the past. We also carry long-running classic items like neckties, ascots, braces, and cufflinks that have been favorites of the English aristocracy for over 100 years; simple and honest to the point of using old-fashioned manufacturing methods and designs that are faithful to historical archives. These items come from venerable brands, including English cufflinks maker, Codis Maya, Albert Thurston (est. 1820) synonymous with braces, English silk mill, Vanners (est. 1740), and French silk mill, Atelier F&B (est. 1919), all of them chosen to suit batak's unique sense of style.

Atsushi Kudo, batak House Cut Osaka Branch Manager

Atsushi Kudo, batak House Cut Osaka Branch Manager