Order Coat Concept

— What do you mean by Order Coat?

Kan-no: At batak, we gladly take orders for wool coats. Just like making a suit, we take numerous measurements like the customer's height, waist, chest, sleeve, neck, and shoulders in order to create the ideal coat for that individual. Most people do choose to buy overcoats off-the-rack. A properly measured and cut Order Coat can give you a completely different style, one that you simply couldn’t get from an off-the-rack option.

— What styles are available?

Kan-no: We offer three classic coat cuts from the UK to choose from. The "Covert Coat," the "Chesterfield Coat," and the "Bal Collar Wool Coat." And of which, if you choose worsted wool, can be worn over a suit or tuxedo for a very elegant effect. And our Bal Collar Coat, for example, is also very attractive in tweed. Available fabric choices include Loden, thick-worsted, flannel, covert cloth, cashmere, and velour. It should be noted that delivery currently requires approximately 2 weeks.

*Please consult our news blog for fabric stock availability and arrival information.

Minoru Kan-no, Sales Chair

Minoru Kan-no, Sales Chair